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The President and National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

On October 1st, President Trump issued a statement to kickoff National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The message, the fourth of its kind during the Trump administration, began by celebrating the 6,000 babies born with Down syndrome every year in America as “treasured members of our society… [and] sources of inspiration to the many families and communities graced by their lives.”

President Trump highlighted that increased funding for advanced Down syndrome research that the National Institutes of Health had achieved during his presidency. 

“These funds will lead to scientific breakthroughs and broaden our understanding of Down syndrome so that we can more effectively improve the health of these American citizens and expand their opportunities to thrive in our society,” President Trump said in the statement.

The president also criticized public policies that threaten the lives of unborn babies with Down syndrome. 

“I denounce radical proposals to terminate pregnancies of unborn children with Down syndrome. Our Nation will continue to emphatically affirm the self-evident ideal that all children- born and unborn- are created in the image of God, are worthy of life, and deserve to be loved,” President Trump stated.

Individuals with Down syndrome suffer disproportionally from the destruction of legalized abortion in America. Due to abortions following prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, there is an approximated 30 percent decrease in live births of babies with Down syndrome in our nation. While pro-abortion, Democrat-run states like New York have gutted protections for the unborn, states controlled by Republican lawmakers like Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and others have enacted legislation protecting unborn children specifically with Down syndrome. 

President Trump ended the message on a note of hope and mission.

“Our country must never run astray from the certitude that the lives of those with Down syndrome are precious and full of potential,” the president urged. “During Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are reminded that we must never waver in our efforts to support these individuals so that they can enrich the soul of our Nation with their joy and love.”

While President Trump’s Democrat opponent Joe Biden has promised to codify Roe v. Wade, which would make abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy for virtually any reason, and plans to end the Hyde Amendment, which is figured to have saved over 2.4 million lives since its bipartisan adoption in 1976, the president’s record on life is strong. From reinstating the Mexico City Policy to making sure Title X taxpayer dollars don’t go to abortion providers and referral centers like Planned Parenthood to becoming the first commander-in-chief to attend the March for Life, among many other achievements, President Trump has consistently proven his commitment to our most vulnerable Americans: the unborn.

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